Sunday, November 9, 2008

Surrender of O - 2 is Coming Out!

Damon and Claire worked on O-2. You can see both our rope and Claire tying on camera, rope courtesy of Vintage Rope of course! On both The Story of O and Surrender of O 2, the current sequel that is being released November 14th. You can visit the O-2 site at:

Also, if you are in the Los Angeles area, Damon and Claire will be attending the release party. If you would like more information, it is November 14th, and you can see info here.

Our Best,

Damon and Claire!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thunder Down Under!

This Year, Damon and Claire will be attending Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, Colorado with our good friends from Charlotte Fetish. We have gone for the past 3 or 4 years and have loved it every time! If you are intending on going as well, please feel free to say Hi and chat with us!

If you will be placing an order between now and July 29th, please be aware that we will be out of town and unable to fill your order. When we return it will be filled as soon as possible.

Have a Hot Knot Rope Night and we will see you soon!

Our best,

Damon & claire.

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Conquest" at Lair De Sade, 1st Friday of Every Month!

This is one of the only Male Dominant - female submissive events I know of in Los Angeles and it's alot of fun! If you come early, starting around 6pm there is a free bar-b-que, BYOM (bring your own meat) and you can stay 'till the beginning of the party and pay to play or just go about your evening.

You can check out more of Lair De Sade's Events by going to:

Here is the event information for "Conquest!"

An Elegant & Extreme Hetro-D/s society event where male Dominants/Masters/Owners and their female submissives/slaves/property can comfortably congregate and recreate... exchange information/ideas with others who share their specific D/s interests and/or lifestyle... and engage in consensual, Male Dominant/female submissive demonstrations.

The Conquest BDSM-D/s Party is a Male Dominant "scene-restricted" event for C.C.Inc. members & their guests only... this means that while all orientations can attend, scenes are restricted to those with Male Dominants only.
Admission cover is $30 per member & $30 per invited guest!(there is no cover charge for Platinum members)Dress your sexy best! (naked works too ::wink::)Exquisite Furniture! Over 30 Fabulous Play Stations!Including an Unbelievably Huge (12' tall x 8' wide) ~ Human Bird Cage! ~Gold metal, circular design,leopard print carpet, with a 12' dancing pole in the center!Arrive early and feast on a fantastic spread... including Careena's chili & homemade choc.chip/walnut cookies! Coffee, Coke/diet Coke & bottled water are provided, and members are welcome to bring their refreshment of choice... There are wine/bottle openers, glasses, and an outdoor refrigerator for everyone's use... The club does NOT provide alcohol.
The general public is Not permitted into Conquest parties, and C.C.Inc. memberships are not sold at the door of parties at the Lair...Hope to see you there!

"L.A. Bondage" by Dave Naz is out!

This book is something Damon Pierce and Claire Adams are very proud of. We are proud to sell the book here at Vintage Rope under the Educational Books section!
When Dave Naz told Damon he wanted to do a book on Bondage, Damon told him he would be honored for his work to be a part of it. They have been working together for years, creating photo sets for Magazines like Larry Flynt's Taboo, Pirate, Nuggett, and more. Through this process, Dave chose images to include in his book, L.A. Bondage.
When he got closer to having the publisher look at his images for the book, he wanted to do more shoots with specific models and asked Damon to participate with him on these shoots. When he asked Claire Adams to be in his book it made Damon very happy because "I knew together we would be able to do something amazing."
We hope you enjoy this book with as much pleasure
as it was for us to be a part of it! - Damon and claire.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome to Vintage Rope's New Blog!

Hello! We are very excited to be starting a new blog with the
latest and greatest intel!
We hope you enjoy it!
- Damon & Claire